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Services & Amenities

Emergency Services

  • Emergencies - 911 from a landline, +1 340-776-9110 from a mobile phone (no 911 service from mobile phone)

  • Police - +1 340-693-8880, 911 from a landline

  • Fire - +1 340-776-6365 Coral Bay, +1 340-776-6333 Cruz Bay

  • National Park Police - +1 340-776-9110 emergency, +1 866-995-8467 law enforcement

  • DPNR - TBD emergencies, non-emergency +1 340-774-3320

  • USCG - +1 787-289-2041 emergency, +1 787-729-6800 non-emergency

  • Customs and Border Protection - +1 340-776-6741

Customs, Immigration, DOH, DPNR


Coral Bay does not have a clinic. Clinics on the island include:

Coral Harbor Marine Services

  • Coral Bay Marine Service - 340-776-6859 - adjacent to the dinghy dock

  • Busy Bee Dive Shop - 340.201.4858, - Tank fills, gear, dive trips, rendezvous dives - Walk straight from the dinghy dock, across the road to the first floor of the commercial building.

  • Crabby’s Watersports - 1-340-626-1570, - snorkel gear rental, kayak rental, day sails, Scuba tank fills.

  • Waste discharge - There is no pumpout facility in Coral Bay. The National Park and Coral Reef National Monument are zero discharge zones with enforcement by Park Police and DPNR. To empty holding tanks you need to be three miles offshore and outside the bounds of the Coral Reef National Monument.

  • Water - There is no facility to take on water in Coral Bay. You can purchase potable water at Love City Mini Mart and Dolphin Market.

  • Electric - There is no facility for shore power in Coral Bay.

  • Fuel - Coral Harbor does not have a fuel dock. The closest fuel dock is in Cruz Bay Creek. The closest land accessible fuel station is Midway Plaza on Centerline Road; this is not walkable.

  • Boat ramp - There is a boat ramp at Coral Bay Marine next to the dinghy dock.


  • Cell coverage

    • AT&T and Viya have coverage in Coral Bay. You may find that you will see BVI providers Flow, Digicel, and CCTBoatPhone. T-Mobile has service on Flow. Google Fi may work on Flow. There is no Verizon coverage.

    • The AT&T tower is on Bordeaux Mountain. If you have line of sight you will get a better signal. There are some areas with low/no coverage in the outer anchorage. Coverage in Hurricane Hole and Round Bay is good.

    • The Viya tower is on the hill above the fire department. It covers most of Coral Bay. It has spotty coverage in Friis Bay.

    • Roaming - if you do not want to roam internationally make certain to turn roaming off on your phone.

  • Internet

    • WiFi access is available at Skinny Legs, Salty Mongoose, and Aqua Bistro.

    • Signal strength is generally not good enough to access WiFi using a WiFi repeater.

  • ATM

    • Dolphin Market has an ATM.

  • Pet access / veterinary

    • Canines, Cats, & Critters - (340) 693-7780, - Full-service veterinary medical facility, boarding facility, grooming and pet store. Located on Centerline Road about five miles from Coral Bay.

  • Transportation

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