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Diving & Snorkeling


  • Busy Bee Dive Shop - 340.201.4858, - Tank fills, gear, dive trips, rendezvous dives - Walk straight from the dinghy dock, across the road to the first floor of the commercial building.


  • Borck Creek

  • Princess Bay

  • Otter Creek

  • Water Creek

  • South Haulover Bay

  • North Haulover Bay

  • Pelican Rock

  • Flanagan Island

  • Leduck Island

Boat Charters


  • Areas & Restrictions

    • No fishing is permitted in the National Park within buoy marked swim areas.

    • Coral Bay has both the Virgin Islands National Park and the Coral Reef National Monument. Both come with their own rules that are over and above the Virgin Islands’ rules.

    • Coral Reef National Monument Rule


      • Anchoring, fishing or collecting of any kind is prohibited in the Monument. Excepting that up to 3 gallons of baitfish may be collected in Hurricane Hole with a NPS permit.

      • The National Monument extends from Borck Creek and includes all bays and creeks up to Haulover Bay South, including the western half of Haulover Bay.

      • There are two sections of the National Monument on the south side - from Drunk Bay to the east side of Ram Head, and from offshore Kiddel Bay to the eastern side of Reef Bay.

      • There is a section of offshore waters offshore of Salt Pond Bay and southwest of Booby Rock that are not in the National Monument nor the National Park.

      • The free day-use yellow moorings with blue stripes off of Cabritte Horn Point, near Great Lameshur Bay, are for traditional fishing of Hardhead / Blue Runners.

  • Inshore Fishing

    • Given the rules above, you can fish from land or a boat using rod & reel or traditional handline.

  • Bottom fishing

    • Bottom fishing is productive in 90 to 200-feet with cut bait, squid, etc. from Flanagan Island southwest to the South Drop.

    • Be careful to stay out of the BVI waters! They should be marked on your charts.

  • South Drop

    • The South Drop is a productive area for trolling. The drop goes from less than 200-feet to more than 1,000-feet 6-7 miles southwest from Flanagan Island. 

    • East / West trolling along the drop produces Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, and Barracuda. Trolling ballyhoo is a good bet. Mahi like blue & white skirts.


The National Park has many hiking trails. The best map for the trails is at

  • You can do a great flat walk in Coral Bay by:

    • Walking from the dinghy dock to a right on Fortsberg Road (turn right on East End Road at Skinny Legs, first right)

    • Back on East End Road, head left and walk to the triangle intersection, take a left on Salt Pond Road.

    • At the intersection where the dumpsters and Love City Mini Mart are, take a right down Kings Hill Road.

    • The first cement road on the right goes up to the LaLa Land neighborhood.

    • Continuing on Kings Hill Road, past the sign that says “You are Lost”, you will come to Josephine’s Greens and Coral Bay Garden Center on the left. Josephine sells organic produce, fruits, and herbs.

  • The Europa Bay trail in Little Lameshur is a nice flat hike.

  • Great hilly hikes include:

    • Johnnyhorn Trail

    • Brown Bay Trail

    • Ram Head Trail from Salt Pond Bay

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